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Rebel singer London captures hearts with Latin flair honoring Amy Winehouse

During her short, but brilliant career, Grammy winner Amy Winehouse had a profound impact on Miami based singer/songwriter London. While much of the music industry has downplayed the third year of her passing, London is honoring the artist’s memory by releasing a special recording of “You Know I’m No Good”. Broadway Global normally focuses on live theatre, but the heart and soul of this young talent has captured fans around the globe, as London's hit video is about to take VH1 by storm. Producers are already predicting 5 million copies to be sold (via downloads). London hit video with his heart pounding dance beats have famed DJ's and Choreographers sharing his songs, while investors are banking big on this talents!

Global Heart-throb London's style and vocal chops melting hearts.

London credits the singer and the enormity of the talent she shared with her fans and the music industry for a brief moment time, as having inspired his development as a performer and his songwriting style. “I appreciate that as an artist she had no filters. She always expressed what she felt with brutal honesty,” he says of the late singer. “The fact that she was able to own her flaws, (I’m no good), shows her vulnerable truthfulness and that is inspiring to me.”

The young singer is set to release a series of singles throughout the year – two are already out, "Rebel Child" and "If Life Was a Movie" With this current release, he is excited about having put his own signature spin on a song that was one of Amy’s biggest hits. "If London's music does not have you dancing in the sheets, then you have downloaded the wrong artist." Broadway Global. He was joined in studio by a talented team of producers from Single House Music (Pit Bull, Michelle Forte, Jason Derulo), Johnny Mars and Isaac Johnson, who will also work on his upcoming releases this year.

London’s own life experiences are shared, yes the good or bad, in his writing and delivery. It was Amy’s deep conviction and cool style that grew her popularity with audiences across both sides of the Atlantic. Her lyrics masked none of the angst and none of the pain. As London reflects on his own life, he can appreciate the demons that she struggled with. Things haven’t always been as smooth in his life, but he has always been able to share this through his vivid music, which has served a therapeutic value. Watch for “You Know I’m No Good”, London’s homage to Amy Winehouse, now out.

London is a singer/songwriter, who found his passion for music very early in life. Last year he took his music overseas, toured across Europe where his now global recognition and music gained traction. London is based in sunny Miami, where the music-scene is red hot. Eager to give his growing fan base a taste of things to come, London has released two singles, with others due to drop later this year. A California native with a distinct Miami flair, London spends equal time in both music scenes. His first single, “Rebel Child” is a highly personal track. The song captures a truly painful time in this young singer’s life. While the hit video is full of energy and vibrancy, listening to the lyrics, you immediately get the articulation of his struggles that are appreciated by his huge fan base. Why? because being accepted is something many young people can identify with.

London's most recent single release, “If Life Was a Movie,” is a pop love song, taking advantage of his Latin roots, which London's fans have connected with. Follow this heart throb at or check out his music at or check his facebook at ;get a sneak peak of his hits on his VEVO channel London Porrasze, "Don't let this talented singer's music break your heart, just let London capture it." Broadway Global.

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