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Rebecca Warren @ The Renaissance Society

Rebecca Warren
Rebecca Warren
Rebecca Warren

Rebecca Warren's solo exhibition at the Renaissance Society seems to focus on two of her use of material, steel and unfired ceramics. As an artist who loves texture, I was naturally pulled to her squished clay pieces on pedestals. The physical energy of gripping into the clay is evident with her finger prints gauged into the clay. Oddly painted in pinks, greens and blue, sometimes I felt like the color added textures similar to chewed bubble gum being placed on the pieces. Stephanie Burke, the gallery attendant and artist herself, pointed out the plaid like colors and of course the fragility of the pieces, how easily they could be knocked over and shattered. The reason I had to check my bag by the door. The shapes and forms reminded me of an early artist the Renaissance Society featured years ago, Franze West, with his texture and colors in sculptures. Warren's steel pieces reference Joel Shapiro's early modern steel pieces, with the right balance of shape and negative space. It is as if the air around them is as important as the sculpture pieces themselves. The only annoying occurrence in Rebecca Warren's work is she placed a little puff ball on them. What was she trying to do, portray the gender of a strong man and delicate women. To me it was more of a mistake right out of a MFA program critique, that could have been used in the Art School Confidential movie or even worse BRAVO's Work of Art. Thirdly featured in the exhibition are these abstract clay figurative pieces with a big ass and tits painted in white. Also there is a beautiful square pieces on bronze on wheels, as precious as a golden nugget. Known for her rudimentary use of clay and contrasting steel forms, Warren has made a successful name for herself as a female artist in a male dominated profession.

5811 S. Ellis Avenue
Bergman Gallery, Cobb Hall 418

Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Closed Mondays