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Rebecca Roubion to give album proceeds to American Red Cross

Rebecca Roubion
Rebecca Roubion
Mikaela Hamilton

‘Tis the season for giving back, and that’s just what local songstress Rebecca Roubion is doing in the month of November.

Roubion grew up in Mobile, then moved to Louisiana for college, spending time in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. After school she moved to Nashville to develop her songwriting career. Since moving to Music City three years ago, she’s written with Rob Crosby (who wrote Martina McBride’s Concrete Angels), and artists Peter Bradley Adams, Korby Lenker and Jake Etheridge.

Rebecca Roubion also recorded two EPs, Fields and Forests. These were produced with money raised from fans, and came out in the fall of 2012.

On New Year’s Eve of that year, a box of her newly pressed CDs caught fire at her house. Roubion explains:

I was cleaning the house before a few friends came over when the candle caught a box of records. Then the couch actually caught fire, and I had a dignified system going - dumping salad bowls of water. When that wasn't doing the trick, I promptly carried the box that was on fire outside and threw it into the front yard. A few burnt fingers, a box of unopened records and a particularly hideous couch were small prices to pay for an experience that quickly could have destroyed all that my three roommates and I had. I was extremely fortunate, but I still wanted to give back and tell the story with my music.

Roubion salvaged 31 records, painted red crosses on the front, and is selling them on Etsy to raise money for the American Red Cross. It’s her way of helping others who may have suffered more severe consequences from disasters such as fires. But she didn’t want to just stop there.

This month, Roubion is donating 70% of her album sales to two causes – the first of those being the Red Cross. The other is a SoundForest, a local charity that is trying to build a forest sanctuary off of 8th Avenue.

The fundraising campaign is called From Ashes, and is going on all month. To help promote it, Rebecca Roubion will be performing at Craft Brewed on Thursday, November 21.

What: Rebecca Roubion

When: November 21

Where: Craft Brewed (2502 Franklin Pike in Nashville)

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