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Rebecca R. Cohen writer of two fantasy series, which are love stories

Book Promotional photos
Book Promotional photos
Jodi Emmer

Her third book will be flying off the shelves this fall coming out on September 19, 2014. “The Fallen Shadows” will be a new fantasy series written by fantasy genre writer, Rebecca Rose Cohen who’s other works include, “Midnight to Sunrise” and “Darkness In Between”. These two books are about the supernatural, the occult and of course vampires. They are indeed love stories with a fantasy edge to them and have many new and interesting characters to focus upon.

Rebecca R, Cohen

When it comes to writing about love, Ms. Cohen is a natural. She has a naivety and openness to her heart that many new writers tend to lack, she focuses on the genuine qualities of young love and its ever changing grace and confusion. Many of us tend to forget what it means to be in love, the pain and the lack of security, the unknowing quest for truth and complete loss of dignity in searching for answers.

Ms. Cohen recently appeared at Book.con in Manhattan back in late May. She was so busy she never had time to take a break with the 10,000 visitors that browsed through the Jacob Javitis Center in Manhattan for a chance to meet with many different popular authors of the New York area and to have their book signed by the authors.

A quote from the author, “The Fantasy genre is my favorite genre as a writer. I want to focus on a dystopian universe for the Fallen Angels series, with human extinction as a possible tragedy within the consequences of this fantasy series. My concepts are loosely based on spiritual concepts that have influenced me over the years and I feel my creativity has evolved as a writer through learning more about myself as a writer and accepting spiritual beliefs through my time as a writer. I continue to evolve creatively every time I write and it is so nice to see how much my work has changed from my first book to my current book. I have grown tremendously in these past few years.”

Ms. Cohen will be hosting a book release party on September 20th, 2014 to launch her new book. Stay tuned for more updates with her new book launching and additional interviews about her book series “The Fallen Shadows”.

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