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Rebecca Hagelin calls it "lurid propaganda" to teach that LGBTs exist

Rebecca Hagelin
Rebecca Hagelin

In a Feb. 4th column for the Washington Times, Rebecca Hagelin denounced comprehensive sex education programs as part of a "deplorable" effort to sexualize students in the United States and lists discussions about homosexuality as an example of the "lurid propaganda" sexual education supposedly promotes.

"Imagine your sweet daughter, barely into puberty, coming home and showing you a photograph she took with her phone of a sex poster at school — a poster that lists the many ways people 'express their sexual feelings,' including 'grinding,' 'anal sex,' 'oral sex' and just about everything else you can think of," she writes.

"Imagine, even further, that the school district representative, when asked about the poster, shrugs and says it is part of a health and science curriculum that "aligns with national standards" of sexuality education.
"You'd be right to be mad."

Hagelin ignores countless studies showing that students who participate in sexual education programs tend to refrain from sexual activity longer, and instead embraces an article by Todd Starnes — a notorious serial liar — as her core source.

"Most sexuality education curriculum materials are designed not to promote abstinence but to encourage children to experiment with sex," she writes. "Any kind of sex. Programs like the one Mr. Ellis protested present all types of sexual activity as equal and perfectly normal even for the youngest of children, including male-female intercourse, masturbation and homosexual practices.

"The reason is quite simple.

"For the political left, children have a 'right' to have sex with no guilt, no consequences and no commitments. And they are going to teach them how to do it, by golly."

Back in reality, the belief is that children have a right to know; to be told the facts, without bias, and be expected to make rational decisions for themselves. And that includes letting them know what exactly people like Rebecca Hagelin and Todd Starnes are so upset about whenever they go on a tirade about homosexuality.

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