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Rebecca Crews of 'The Family Crews's set to release debut single

Reality star Rebecca Crews will debut her single in July
Sundari PR

Rebecca Crews, known for her hit reality show on BET, “The Family Crews,” alongside her actor/comedian husband Terry Crews (Are We There Yet?, Blended, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), will release her debut single “Can I Stay” this summer. Falling into the smooth jazz genre, with a gospel/pop influence, fans can download the single on July 8, when it impacts radio stations across the country. The single will be a teaser of what is yet to come, when her full-length album releases in October 2014. The former Gospel singer wrote the inspirational track after a spiritual experience.

“It was so overwhelming, that the lyrics immediately started flowing while I was heading home from church,” explains Crews. “I felt like I was able to remove myself from the chaotic world around me, and see clearly that God has a plan for me and my future. Having that security and peace was something I wanted to share with the world!”

Infused with musical influences from Sade, Adele to Norah Jones, “Can I Stay” is a mixture of genres that will touch any listener. With Haskel Jackson (Genesoul Productions) serving as Co-Producer, Crews not only produced the single, but wrote and arranged the song as well. Additionally, the multi-talented artist also played many of the accompanying instrumentation as a keyboardist, covering piano, strings and other programming.

“This music is lo-o-ong overdue,” laughs the former beauty queen. “I have been busy tending to my big family, my larger-than-life husband, and producing a hit reality show. Now that the kids are older and things are looking up for us, I know the timing is perfect!”

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