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'Rebecca': an interesting story about rebuilding

There was a tragic fire in Garrettsville, Ohio, on the historic Main Street this past Saturday, and half of a two -story building was gutted by flames as well as a one-story brick law firm burned down on the historic block. But, the shop owners like Stephanie Dietelbach, wants to stay and rebuild. While there is still an investigation going, residents have wasted no time concentrating on rebuilding the historic street front. It takes a great strength to rebuild, and it is reminiscent of a film- 1940's Rebecca.

Joan Fontaine, Judith Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock: 1940

Starring the late, great Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier, George Sanders, Judith Anderson, Nigel Bruce, Reginald Denny, C.Aubrey Smith, and Gladys Cooper, the film is about a self-conscious bride who is tormented by the memory of her husband's late wife. The film begins with a memory, as the second Mrs. de Winter (Fontaine) shares the memory of Manderley, her former home in ruins, and how it got to become like that. We then see the unnamed woman in actuality, working as a personal companion to Mrs. Van Hopper (Florence Bates), who is on holiday in Monte Carlo. She sees a man look like he is about to jump, and tells him to not do it. He says that he wasn't planning to and that he just wanted to be left alone. Later, when she goes to lunch with Mrs. Van Hopper, Mrs. Van Hopper announces to her that Maxim de Winter (Olivier) is there, and the future second Mrs. de Winter recognizes him, and he recognizes her. Mrs. Van Hopper tries to get his attention, but his focus is more on Fontaine's character. The two agree to meet, and she tells Mrs. Van Hopper about tennis lessons as a white lie. She clearly is falling for him as he is her, but she feels unsuited for him on account that she is not of his class nor his background. She tells him this and he gets upset at her, wondering why he spent all his time with her if she did feel that way. She then says that she doesn't mean it, it is just she was wondering what other people would think of her. He forgives her and the two continue their date. They date for two weeks at this point and when she returns, Mrs. Van Hopper has to go back to the States as one of her family members is sick. Fontaine's character is heartbroken, and doesn't tell her about Maxim. When she is all set to go, Fontaine's character goes to Maxim's room only to find him in the bathroom, and she tells him that she is going with Van Hopper, to which Maxim gives her the option of going to Manderley with him or back with her. She misreads the question, and Maxim tells her that he is proposing marriage, and they assess the situation. Then, Maxim goes with her to tell Van Hopper the news, and she says that she didn't believe the tennis thing for a second and then tells Fontaine's character that she shouldn't really buy into anything he is saying because he was crazy about his first wife, Rebecca.

After their honeymoon, they return to Manderley, where the second Mrs. de Winter meets the staff, including Mrs. Danvers (Anderson), who is told to have had a very close relationship with the first Mrs. de Winter. To the second, she appears very domineering and cold, and tells the second how Rebecca used to run the the house and throw parties. The second Mrs. de Winter has a hard enough time trying to acquaint herself with Maxim's family, Major Giles Lacy and Beatrice Lacy (Bruce and Cooper), and even tells someone over the phone that they have the wrong number as Mrs. de Winter passed away. Also, amid this, she wonders why Maxim has a short temper over the smallest things. The second wonders about the first, and it doesn't help that Mrs. Danvers keeps the room and wing of hers preserved while the second gets a room in Maxim's wing. She also wonders why Rebecca's "cousin," Jack Favell (Sanders) when Maxim is away. To combat these pressures, the second Mrs. de Winter decides to have a costume party, and everyone is excited. When she talks to Mrs. Danvers what to wear, Mrs. Danvers suggests looking an ancestoral paintings, particular the one of Caroline de Winter. The second decides to pursue this, and appalls her husband and her guests, as Rebecca wore the same thing the year before. The second confronts Mrs. Danvers in angry pain, and Mrs. Danvers tells her that she can never replace Rebecca, and tries to get her to commit suicide. The second Mrs. de Winter feels like she can't go on with this pressure, and that Maxim doesn't love her, and that she can't be there for him. Then, a flare goes off in the sky signaling a sunken ship. The rest, you will have to see the film.

Though the film is a thriller, and the film is a deep drama that doesn't look like a film about rebuilding, it is and to see why, see this film. You will not be disappointed.

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