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Reasons why you should consider Pigeon Forge Tennessee for your vacation

Pigeon Forge Tennessee
Pigeon Forge Tennessee
Pigeon Forge Tourism Dept. -Used by permission

School will soon be out and families will be looking for places to go whether it be a short weekend trip, a day trip or the annual family vacation. If you want to get a lot of bang for your buck, then you should consider visiting Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

This community of 6400 people is a family friendly town with something that every member of the family will enjoy whether they are 3 or 93, or every age in between! With that in mind, here are several reasons you should consider Pigeon Forge Tennessee for your vacation this year:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Pigeon Forge is located near the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Once inside the park, you can camp, attend nature related workshops and activities, hike, explore the natural wonder of this magnificent National Park!

Camping fees at one of the 10 frontcountry camping areas range from $14 to $23 per night, and are full service campgrounds. You can check rates online.

Hotels and Lodging

You will find a great number of hotels available in Pigeon Forge, at a large range of rates. One of the best deals to be found for a family is the Music Road Hotel, it has both an indoor pool/hot tub and an outdoor water park, a video arcade, free hot breakfast and beautiful views. The rooms are large and each room has a balcony, some rooms have fireplaces for a little romantic ambiance.


There is no shortage of entertainment in Pigeon Forge. Whatever your taste or age, there is something for everyone! If you love shows, then try these:

The Comedy Barn Theater-

You will find yourself laughing throughout the show, entertained by award winning cloggers, a live band, and the best comedians to be found anywhere! This year they added more animals to the show, and you're sure to be entertained by the real, live talking dog as well as the hilarious comedians at the Comedy Barn. You can purchase tickets on location or purchase them online.

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Theater

For more laughs, you'll enjoy the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Theater. This hilarious tale of the infamous Hatfield/McCoy family feud will have you laughing for hours. Before the show starts you'll be treated with a fine southern meal complete with fried chicken, pulled pork bbq, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, homemade bread, their signature creamy soup and dessert! You can purchase tickets at the door or purchase them online.

Smoky Mountain Opry

If you love a variety of music, then you'll love the Smoky Mountain Opry! The put on a show that will not be forgotten and includes everything from country to pop, comedy to Broadway hits. You can purchase tickets at the door or purchase tickets online.


If the kids are full of energy, then you can't miss a day at WonderWorks. There are thousands of activities that will stimulate their mind, burn some energy and even learn a few things along the way! Top off the day by taking a ride in the tethered hot air balloon. You can buy tickets at the door or purchase them online.

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos

Located next to the Hollywood Wax Museum, in the same parking lot, you will find Hannah's Maze of Mirrors fun for the whole family as you try to work your way through and save the princess. Castle of Chaos is fun for older kids and adults, you'll enter a 3-d theater of sorts, be armed with your gun and will shoot the monsters, bats, rats and more as they come at you while the platform spins around. The one with the highest score wins! Hannah's Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos are located in the same building. Castle of Chaos may scare very young children. You can purchase tickets at the door or purchase them online.

New for 2014

Astronaut Training Challenge:

The Astronaut Training Challenge, a four person gyroscope, at WonderWorks is now open! Riders will experience a feeling of being weightless along with the roll and tumble associated with outer space. The Astronaut Training Challenge is included in your ticket price to WonderWorks.

Unsinkable Molly Brown Exhibit

The Titanic Museum at Pigeon Forge is hosting an exhibit of one of it's most infamous passengers, Molly Brown. Here you will find many of Mrs. Brown's personal belongings, private papers and personal collection of items. Known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown", Margaret Brown was born in Hannibal Missouri, and went to Colorado where her husband struck it rich and quickly became a legend within her own lifetime. You can buy tickets at the door or purchase them online.

The Firechaser Express

Dollywood's newest roller coaster, Firechaser Express, is now open. The new coaster is a family friendly coaster that launches both forwards and backwards, sending riders on a 2,437 foot long track through the parks Wilderness Pass area. Dollywood offers fun for the entire family! You can purchase tickets at the gate or buy them online.

These are just a small portion of the activities you'll find in Pigeon Forge! It's also well known as a family friendly town with good clean fun, so when it's time to start planning a vacation or even just a get away, you can't miss with Pigeon Forge!

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