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Reasons why you settle in your twenties


Photo by Valdkid on Flickr

Ever wonder why two completely opposite people are together or why you have more in common with your best friend’s boyfriend than she does? It’s simple: people settle.

Yes, George can talk to you about Led Zeppelin and The Beatles while he may only be able to discuss perceivable things like carpet color and geometric shapes with his girlfriend. Yes, your best friend, the devout Catholic, is dating an anti-Christ and everyone sees it but him. Yes, those people at the Kohls checkout have spent 15 minutes arguing about a soap dish and yes, he really did just step on her foot, call her stupid and run away.

Men and women continually embark in unsettling relationships leaving everyone dumbfounded as to how certain people end up at the same lunch table, let alone bed.

There are several reasons why people settle, especially in their twenties. Once you hit about 23, the wedding invitations start arriving. What respectable girl wants to bring her best girlfriend to a romantic evening of champagne, dancing and whimsical love? This is where the permanent date—boyfriend—comes into play for these inopportune events.

People are afraid to be alone or maybe just the dark.  With a significant other, you no longer have to run from the light switch, leap to your bed so nothing grabs your feet and hurl your body under the sheets. When the faucet drips but you swear it is Michael Myers, who goes after him with a foam baseball bat you got at an Angel’s game: the boyfriend.

Sex: face it, when you’re single it’s not guaranteed like it is when you are in a relationship. Calling you Mr. Cuddles in front of your friends may get on your nerves, but you don’t have to go on the prowl for women like your buddies.  

So why wait around for the right guy when you can just settle for one who has been lusting himself at you for weeks (mind the fact you are repulsed by how he refers to himself in the third person and says “oh really,” in a deep voice after everything you say—you will get used to it right?). Why wait for the girl who can actually hold a meaningful conversation other than who is more villainous on The Hills?  

Here’s why:  you are only twenty-something. You are young; you can still jog a mile without killing over, you do not get tired before 10 p.m. and drunken, non-memorable spring breaks are still acceptable—at least until about 25. Utilize what you have while you can and something will come along.  


  • Laurie 5 years ago

    No one should be in a serious relationship until they are over 25. Sow your wild oats!