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Reasons why we stay single

More so than in the past, staying single well into our twenties and thirties is becoming much more common. Factors that contribute to this trend include longer life expectancies, higher divorce rates, and more demanding work schedules than our parents’ generation. Often overlooked though, fears, four in particular are also adding to an ever increasing singles pool.


I.Fear of commitment.
Many guys and some women think they won’t be able to lock into a relationship with one person, because there are so many other desirable daters out there. They would rather remain single than run the risk of hurting someone’s heart through a quick breakup, or an act of infidelity. Seeing many of their friends going through disastrous divorces and ego battering breakups may also steer them away from settling down with one person.


II.The fear of the unknown

With the prospect of finding many desirable daters during a recent trip to Level or Sub Zero comes the uncertainty that rests among meeting many women. The idea that someone or something better may be waiting to happen next Saturday night also averts men from seeking relationships with women who wish to date them.


III.Fear of trusting

Trust issues can be brought about by a myriad of factors related or unrelated to relationships. A man most commonly will put their guard up soon after he has either been a victim of cheating, or been led on by a woman that he had the impression of mutual interest with. Other factors that challenge interdependence include such situations as being tricked by a former friend into a pyramid scheme, or being repeatedly lied to by parents or close family members.


IV.Fear of losing freedom of lifestyle

This is especially true when a man has an active lifestyle, or is logging eighty hour work weeks at the office. The freedom to find himself wherever he pleases during his spare time may be more attractive than the company of a woman. The risk of losing his weekly routines such as Thursday night poker games with the guys or nights out at the bar to watch the Sabres games are sometimes enough to send a man running from the notion of a relationship.



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