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Reasons why the horse did not evolve


The so-called horse series has been disproved. The horse was fully formed and never evolved from a smaller horse. "The family tree of the horse is beautiful and continuous only in textbooks. In reality provided by the results of research it is put together from three parts, of which only the last can be described as including horses. The construction of the whole Cenozoic family tree of the horse is therefore a very artificial one, since it is put together from non-equivalent parts, and cannot therefore be a continuous transformation series" (Professor Heribert Nilson, Lund, Sweden, 1954).

Othniel C, Marsh, famous paleontologist, in 1874 made up the horse series from fossils scattered across the world, and not from the same location.

"Modern horses are found in the fossil record in layers of strata, lower than ancient horses" (Kruzhilin, Yu, and V. Ovharov, "A horse from the Dinosaur Epoch?", (February 5, 1984).

"The so-called "ancient horse" (hyracotherium) Eohippus is not a horse but is just like the hyrax that is still alive in Turkey and Madagascar Today! The uniform continuous transformation of Hyracotherium into Equus so dear to hearts of generations of textbook writers, never happened in nature" (G.G. Simpson, 'Life of the Past', (1953), p.119)

"The much repeated gradual evolution of the modern horse, have not held up under close examination" ("The Unity and Diversity of Life",Wadsworth, 1992, p.304).

The number of rib bones does not agree in the horse series. The four-toed Hyracotherium has 18 pairs of ribs; the next creature has 19; the next has only 15 pairs of ribs. But then finally it ends up with Equus, the modern horse with 18 pairs of ribs.

Horse fossils are never found in the order presented by the horse series. The horse series exists only in museums. They have found three-toed and one-toed horses in the John Day formation in Oregon in the same geological strata. Yet according to evolutionary theory, it required millions of years for one species to make the change to another.

The horse when created by God was fully formed, it never evolved. The horse in Scripture was used for war. Monuments in Egypt and Assyria show sculptures of war horses. Horses are on a piece of wall relief which came from the palace of the Assyrian king Sargon (722-705 B.C.), near Mosul, Iraq. In the Book of Job, it gives a most elegant description of a warhorse (Job 39:19-25). In the Book of Revelation the Antichrist is depicted riding a white horse to make war (Revelation 6:2). The Lord Jesus Christ and the heavenly armies that will follow Him will return from Heaven on white horses at the Battle of Armegeddon (Revelation 19:11-15).

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