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Reasons Why Swingers Are Happier

Reasons why swingers are happier
Reasons why swingers are happiershutterstock

If we were in the 60s decade, the mere word 'swinger' would have evoked an image of couples passing a bowl filled with keys choosing the person they would go home with after the party. However, swingers of the 21st century envision the thrill of enjoying with another partner in bed while still getting to enjoy their own. Swingers have heavily evolved since 1960s when the practice first began. Recent years have seen more swinger actions than ever before since its beginning in 1960s. Internet plays a major role in making swinger action so widespread by providing easy access to people who seek swinging.

Most of the couples who practiced swinging sometime or the other in their lives claim that their relationship with original partners became much better after it. Remembering the experience invokes a feeling of thrill in them and the fact that they can share it with their partner elevates them to a higher level of intimacy with each other.

Here are a few reasons why swinger couples are happier than ones who do not practice swinging:

1. Swingers are more sexually liberated due to abundance of sex.

Swingers have a healthy sex life and this has much to do with the quantum of sex they have. It also has a lot to do with the fact that swingers have a sense of liberty when they start living outside the traditionally accepted norms of the society.

2. Swingers are different.

Swingers realize that sex is a beautiful and enjoyable experience which must be enjoyed with as many consenting and safe partners as they desire. They firmly believe that there is nothing wrong in sharing partners as long as they are not deceiving their spouses. This puts them on a different pedestal altogether in terms of happiness in life.

3. Swingers are psychologically and internally comfortable with their sexual choices.

While a number of people live in conflict with their sexual desires, swingers are at peace with themselves. Swingers pursue their wildest of sexual fantasies and achieve them in a safe, exciting and guilt free manner. Swingers are little bothered about what the society accepts and what they enjoy. They are mindful of the fact that society is overly restrictive and hence they care two hoots about it. Such sexually liberated people who do not care about what others think are bound to be happy.

4. Swingers refrain from divorce.

Swingers have a lower rate of divorce when compared to monogamous couples. Major reason behind such statistics is that swingers are more mentally healthy than others. Swingers can adapt easily to circumstances and are more creative. Their sex lives offer more excitement to them because they are more flexible. Read more:[Swingers have lower divorce rates than monogamous couples]

5. Swingers are honest

Swingers enjoy better trust with their partners because neither do they have the guilt of cheating nor do they fear being cheated. They are well aware of the sexual practices of their partners and hence there is no fear of the unknown. Monogamous couples, on the other hand, constantly live in the fear of being cheated and this fear leads to jealousy, ultimately leading to a completely destroyed relationship between couples.

6. Swinging does not promote jealousy unlike threesome

Engaging in swinging action is different from a threesome act. When couples decide to engage in a threesome who are not swingers, it becomes hard for a spouse to see his or her partner being satisfied sexually by someone else. While you may be comfortable with the idea of your partner having sex with someone else, the reality of the situation may leave you resentful and jealous. Swingers do not come across such problems. This is because most swingers engage into sexual acts with the other partners present. Experts reveal that the thought of your husband or wife satisfying someone else sexually may be a stimulating one but its visual may cause depression. Swingers get to experience the joy of exploring new people without any such feelings of depression or jealousy.

With the advent of dating sites on the internet, search for sex has got new dimensions. The popularity of swinging acts seems to know no bounds and people are becoming increasingly active with other couples on sites like SwingLifeStyle. Swingers firmly believe that if there is a need to spice up sex life, adding a new couple may be better than adding a new move!