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Reasons why declawing an animal is cruel

Fluffy black and white cat
Fluffy black and white cat
Photo Credit: Debi Geroux

As a passionate animal advocate and enthusiast, there is nothing more upsetting than knowing in this day and age, some veterinarians are still performing one of the most inhumane surgical operations to animals, onychectomy, most commonly known as declawing. In many countries, declawing is banned or not allowed as it has been proven to be an act of cruelty, but unfortunately, the United States, among other countries, are still allowing this brutality despite public outrage.

Declawing means surgically removing each claw by amputating all or part of the end bones of the animal’s toes. To get an idea of how cruel and agonizing this surgery truly is, try to imagine the first knuckle on your own fingers removed surgically so they can never grow back. Even though animals are under anesthesia throughout the surgery, it is extremely painful for the animal once the anesthesia wears off. Cats are not the only animals that endure this inhumane surgery; sadly, dogs and other animals are also declawed if their owners elect to do so.

Not only is it cruel to have a pet declawed, it is also very selfish because the welfare of the animal is not being considered, as animals need their claws for many reasons including to protect themselves, grooming, hunting and a number of other important reasons. Also please keep in mind that there are no proven positive health benefits associated with declawing a pet, rather, negative results occur from declawing, including prolonged chronic pain, advanced arthritis and abscesses to name a few. It cannot be emphasized enough that pets are not for everyone so if you are concerned about your expensive furniture being scratched or clawed up then it strongly advised not to get a pet, however, if you insist on having a pet declawed then please consider adopting from an animal shelter as many of the pets in shelters were already declawed by their previous owners.

Did you know that pets that have been declawed tend to develop more behavioral problems including increased aggressiveness, urinating and defecating outside of the litter box or throughout the house and a host of other undesirable behavioral and physical problems. The bottom line is that animals need their claws and should not be removed for any reason because it is very cruel, inhumane and unnecessary. For more information about the cruel practice of declawing please feel free to contact me or the Tree House Humane Society, PAWS Chicago and Alley Cat Allies.