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Reasons to Call a Phoenix plumber

Plumbers in Phoenix are always there to help you with your plumbing problems, whether it is day or night. Some plumbing issues need to be scheduled, while others are emergency situations that need to be tended to right away. The following reasons cover why you need to call a Phoenix plumber, as opposed to letting the problem go or trying to make the repairs on your own.


If you have a clog in your tub, kitchen or bathroom sink, that warrants a call to your plumber. This is one of the most common reasons someone calls their plumber, and the sooner you do it, the better. While some clogs can be helped at home or improve on their own, you can avoid damaging your pipes by calling the plumber as soon as you notice the problem. If using a plunger doesn’t force the drain to clear itself, then this is a sign you need a plumber. Whether it is hair, debris, or a foreign object, it could cause more serious damage and problems with water flow if you just leave it be.


Another very common reasons to call a plumber is due to a leak. There are leaks that come in a wide range of sizes and causes. Leaks can be in the sink trap, drain pipe, hot or cold water supply lines, water heater, or sewer line. Because you may not know exactly what is causing the leak, it is a reason to call your plumber. Additionally, leaving the link can lead to water damage and a problem that also worsens over time without getting it taken care of. The plumber can quickly identify the problem and provide a solution for getting it fixed.


If you notice a strange odor in your house, whether it is in a single area or room, or throughout the entire home, that is a good reason to call a plumber. It is very likely due to a plumbing issue, especially if it is accompanying odd water damage, leaks, clogs, or is in rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, or even the basement. If the odor is found to be from a plumbing issue, they can assist you with fixing the problem, which will then cause the odd smells to subside.

Low Water Pressure

While not as serious of a problem, having low water pressure in the bathroom or kitchen is another reason to call a Phoenix plumber. Low water pressure is often from pipes that have build-up in them or a shower valve that needs to be replaced. In both situations, it is an easy, inexpensive fix that can be done in just a couple hours, and give you back the water pressure you expect.

Phoenix plumbing can be a problem if you don't have professionals able to handle all the little problems that can arise day to day.

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