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Reasons behind why New Orleans is so haunted

Hurricane Katrina is believed to be a factor fueling some of New Orleans' paranormal activity
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

For decades (and maybe even longer) New Orleans has been one of the top haunted locations in America. Many times, the city is referred to as the most haunted city in the country. There are many different reasons an area can be subject to paranormal activity. Most of it stemming of the area’s historical past. New Orleans is known for its rich and unique past, all of which contribute to the many haunted occurrences experienced throughout the city.

So why is New Orleans so haunted? Let’s take a look at some of the top contributing factors behind all of the paranormal activity.


How old an area is contributes to the amount of paranormal activity. Older areas have a longer history giving more opportunity for traumatic events to occur. New Orleans has plenty of old and historical areas known for paranormal activity.


It could be because of the unique history of the area and paranormal activity of the past, but New Orleans really knows how to treat the dead. Many locals believe in ghosts and participate in cemetery picnics, ghost tours and celebrations focused around All Saints Day.


A major catastrophe in an area is one of the biggest causes related to paranormal activity. Sadly, New Orleans has been hit with many different catastrophes over the years. Some major catastrophes include Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac, major fires, epidemics (such as the yellow fever outbreak in 1853) and war.


For one reason or another, many residents of New Orleans have been known for being a bit dramatic. Drama can serve as an energy boost that fuels and attracts paranormal activity.

Small space, lots of people

The fact that New Orleans is a relatively small area filled with a high amount of residents per square block, can be a contributing factor to activity. Deaths and violence in New Orleans is concentrated in a small space, creating an environment where one paranormal event can fuel another. And so on.


New Orleans has a rough past. Violent crimes, including homicides, can add fuel to both good and evil paranormal activity. The city has seen hangings in Jackson Square, many duels in the streets and has one of the highest murder rates in the country.

All of the above reasons contribute to the New Orleans being one of, if not the most, haunted location in America. The next time you visit the area, take time to appreciate the fact that there might be paranormal activity all around you.

Happy Haunting!!

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