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Reasons an Ionic Hair Dryer is Better For Your Hair

An ionic hairdryer, while similar in appearance to traditional blow dryers, is actually quite different. The ionic hair dryer gets its name from the fact that it uses negative ions to break down water molecules in the hair follicles, letting them penetrate the hair shaft. This hydrates the hair follicles from the inside out, offering more moisture and shine, and less dryness and brittleness of the hair. It is a great boost to the health and beauty of your hair simply by using an ionic hair dryer.

Soft and Shiny Hair
The first reason to use an ionic hair dryer such as the Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer with your hair is to get soft, silky and shiny hair. Because each hair follicle is drying from the inside out, the hair is hydrating properly and appearing shinier. When your hair is silky smooth, it is not only beautiful to look at, but soft to the touch, and much easier to style and manage. You can run your fingers through your hair easily and do just about any hairstyle you can think of. Hair is healthier by preserving the natural oils in your hair, instead of drying them out or stripping them away. Additionally, the negative ions provided to your hair follicles when you use an ionic hair dryer lets the hair follicles absorb water and conditioner, so that the next time you wash your hair after using this type of hair dryer, it is actually healthier and smoother long-term.

Help for Frizzy Hair
If you suffer from dry or frizzy hair, an ionic hair dryer is going to be your best friend. Regular hair dryers are a disaster for already dry and frizzy hair because once the water in the hair follicles dries, your hair returns right back to its natural state. For whatever reason, your hair follicles do not have adequate hydration and moisture. It simply needs a little help from an ionic hair dryer. If you have frizzy hair from waves or curls, you will also be happy, because the ionic hair dryers tighten and flatten cuticles of the hair, so it is easier to style and get the curls you want by adding volume. You get the curls without the added frizz that goes with it.

Reduced Drying Time
Ionic hair dryers are also a great way to cut back on your drying time. If you find that you barely have time to finish drying and styling your hair each morning, get an ionic hair dryer and you will be using less heat. With less drying time, less heat is on your hair, and your hair is further protected. You avoid heat damage by cutting back on the drying time. You should still use a heat protectant on your hair to keep it looking smooth and frizz-free if you use your hair dryer regularly. Many of these hair dryers also have a special cooling feature that cools the hair follicles faster for added protection.

Attachments for Thick Hair
Lastly, an ionic hair dryer is better for your hair due to the attachments that come with it. There are diffusers for thick and curly hair, and attached combs and picks that help detangle your hair while it is wet so you aren’t causing damage with a brush.

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