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Reasonable Faith Dallas, apologetics group now meeting in DFW

Chris Shannon, RFD leader
Chris Shannon, RFD leader
Chris Shannon

Reasonable Faith Dallas (RFD), affiliated with the Reasonable Faith ministry of world-renowned Christian theologian and philosopher William Lane Craig, is a group committed to the discussion of and education in Christian apologetics. Chris Shannon, the RFD leader, created this chapter only one year ago, when he signed up to help Craig develop other chapter groups around the world. And in  just one year's time, Reasonable Faith now has 17 established chapters (two of which are international), and has received more than 240 application requests.

According to Shannon, "The purpose of these chapters is to provide a focal point for like-minded believers to gather together for dialogue and education about important issues in understanding our faith, equipping ourselves to defend our faith, and reaching out to unbelievers with the truth of Christianity." 

RFD meets once a month--usually the second Monday--at Park Cities Baptist Church in the Ellis Parlour from 7-9 p.m. Fifty to sixty people are in attendance on average, and enjoy presentations from top-notch speakers on various issues in apologetics and the Christian faith. Shannon and his friend Randall Brower lead the group. There is no fee to join or attend; people from all backgrounds are welcome.

Shannon notes, "There are a lot of questions being asked in our culture about Christianity. People are seeking answers. We are interested in providing and helping people find those answers. We want to show people that Christianity is not only true, but also why it is true--giving answers about deep and meaningful questions. . . . We are having quite an impact on DFW because we are introducing so many to apologetics. So many Christians have no idea evidence exists to support their beliefs. This knowledge can deeply enrich their faith and give them more confidence in their faith."

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