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Barber designs KFC logo on client's head: Gets free chicken for life

According to a report on Tuesday, a barber has been rewarded with free Kentucky Fried Chicken for the rest of his life. Miguel Rosas did not do it to be rewarded, but he is grateful for the honor. He just did what he does best.

The Rock Island native recently shaved and painted the unmistakable Colonel Sanders logo in the back of his client’s head. Afterward, the barber and his client went to Kentucky Fried Chicken for a meal. As soon as they went inside the restaurant, everybody stopped working and starting taking pictures of the design.That same night Rosas said he received a call from a district manager for KFC who said he wanted to see the design in person. The next day Rosas showed the manager his work and was told that since the man's head was a walking commercial, and KFC wanted to put it on their website for advertising.

Sculpting the iconic figure on a customer's head won the barber a payoff he never expected. In return for the KFC logo on the back of the man's head, Rosas was given a stack of free coupons for KFC meals and was told that when he used them to come back for more.

Rosas is not a new barber. He said he began cutting hair when he was only 13 years old. First he began cutting his own hair and then began cutting his friends’ hair. Rosas attended barber college, and in 2007, he opened his own shop, the New Style Barber Shop. Today, eight other barbers work with him at the shop. In 2011, Rosas began doing designs and entering competitions in 2011. He blends his passion for cutting hair with art. Rosas said he hopes to expand his business and one day open a barber school.

Rosas' competitions have allowed him to travel to Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Atlanta. His designs have included those of Steve Jobs, Mrs. Doubtfire, Lebron James, Alf, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse and Kanye West and many others. He has received 19 trophies, 12 of them are first place, and now he has a lifetime supply of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Some people become famous for singing, dancing, acting and doing a lot of other things. However, cutting and drawing designs on people's heads is making Miguel Rosas famous for cutting famous people and logos on his clients' head.

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