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Rear entry or side entry handicap vans: Which is right for me?

Dodge Wheelchair Van
Dodge Wheelchair Van

New handicap minivans are a fantastic option for many people with disabilities. They have better gas mileage and maneuverability than full-size vans. If you need to use parking garages, a minivan may be your only option. There are two main styles available, rear-entry or side-entry. The option that is right for you will depend on your situation.

Rear-entry vans are modified to have a ramp installed in the back of the vehicle. This design is good for families that include a child with a disability. This design will put the child in the back of the vehicle, with the other children rather than potentially isolating him or her. Because the modifications are not quite as extensive, rear entry vans are often slightly less expensive.

Side-entry vans are the best option if a person with a disability will drive the van. They are more limited in terms of parking; the side mounted ramp means that the van will almost always need to be parked in a Handicap Accessible parking space.

Whatever option you choose, new handicap minivans are a great option for many families that include a wheelchair user. This type of vehicle is a substantial investment, so be sure to try out as many brands and styles as possible before making your decision. Now get out on the road!