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Reapplied Knowledge

Stay with what comes
Stay with what comes
Ip man

Taking what has been taught and putting it to use may be a bit more involved than one would consider upon first learning a given technique. To further exasperate the situation there are cultural communication gaps, historical inaccuracies, interjection, uneducated interpretation or perception, and these all add up to misgivings about the practical applications (or what is known as “street” or real application) of a technique. What is spoken of rarely however, is applying martial theory to real world situations in which there is no need for martial action. This is truly the gem of martial arts training as it allows the practitioner to take what is learned and apply it to similarly related situations.

For example, part of the Wing Tsun motto states: “Stay with what comes…” referring to the theory that as an attack enters your space, you attach your attacking (or deflecting) limb to it. Touch is much more reactive than sight. Attaching allows the WT practitioner to feel the intensions of their opponent while simultaneously monitoring the position of the attacking limb. 

Taken outside the martial context, "staying with what comes" can be utilized as follows: Life, it seems, sometimes moves us in is a certain direction. While it may take us where we don’t really want to go, we need to understand that we will be going anyway so why not make the best of it. Resistance is futile but staying with what comes will allow the student to become aware of the possible intent of the situation or to put it into more familiar terms, it allows the student to “put their finger on the pulse of the situation” giving them further insight into the situation. Embracing destiny also gives a morale advantage as fighting a loosing battle quickly loses purpose.

Our country is currently recovering from a disruption of balance of epic proportions. Many think we may very well hit bottom soon (not so bad when you already don’t have far to fall). Stay with what comes, embrace your situation. How can you take your situation and turn it to an advantage? If things start to get worse you can deduce that you are not headed in the right direction and you must return to a more stable starting point and try again. Sooner or later a path that shows promise will emerge and you’ll be back on track again.