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@RealWillSmith's Trayvon Martin tweet is fake, but message rings true

@RealWillSmith tweet isn't from the actual actor Will Smith
@RealWillSmith tweet isn't from the actual actor Will Smith

Yesterday a fake tweet by Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith went viral. The moving message questioned American justice after reality star Kim Kardashian's red carpet flour bomber was quickly apprehended (with possible charges to be filed) while Florida teen Trayvon Martin's killer has not.

Within minutes a screen shot of a supposed tweet from @RealWillSmith spread to countless blogs and inboxes, toting the message "We live in America where a girl that threw flour on Kim Kardashian was arrested on site. But the man who killed Trayvon Martin is still free."

The famed actor's photo served as the avatar, so many bloggers and fans reposted the image (I even received a chain-picturemail message on my phone) without checking Twitter to see the account of @RealWillSmith actually belongs to a young caucasian man from Nashville, TN.

Fake post or not, the point of the message seems to be ring true amongst many Hollywood celebrities. The fact still remains the Florida teen was gunned down by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman who remains free and uncharged, due to current Stand Your Ground laws.

Celebrities, including Sean P.Diddy Combs, Spike Lee, Lebron James, Dewayne Wade and Gilles Marini, have shown their support by beginning petitions and posting photos on Twitter to call for action from authorities.

Sex and the City actor Gilles Marini tweeted: " I loved what #Obama said "If I had a son, he'd look like #Trayon," Here is my hoodie pic as respect to #Trayvon."

To date, Will Smith has yet to respond to the fake tweet. What are your thoughts on the handling of the Trayvon Martin murder and the outcry from Hollywood? Leave a comment below.

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