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Realtors may want to change their attitudes about hosting Open Houses

Work smart

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If you believe your goal of deciding to "Sit and Open House" is to find a buyer for your listing, then THINK AGAIN. If you're sitting an Open House that's your listing or someone else's, you can grow your business through marketing the neighborhood.

If you don't have a listing, there is a multitude of ways to find an Open House within your farm..

• Ask around the office for an Open House that you can sit.
• Call out-of-area agents that have listings close to you and ask to sit the house. It’s GREAT if you offer your own signs and flyers…it helps to save them time and money.
• Send an email to everyone in your office to see if they have an extra listing
• Ask the big producers in your office if they have Open Houses that you can sit.

OK. So now you're going to sit an Open House. Here are steps to get your name out there to generate more business:

1. Have all signs, flyers, fact sheets and business cards with YOUR name on it.

2. Make an investment of 10 signs with your name that you can place them around the neighborhood on the day of the Open House. This is probably your best investment because it's a way to get your name known in the neighborhood. The perception will be that you have a lot of business. After the initial investment, it's like free advertising for you.

3. Cold call the neighborhood and ask them to the Open House.

4. Door Knock the neighborhood and invite them to the Open House.

5. Door Knock and call the neighborhood AGAIN, after the Open House, to give them the details of attendance, offers, etc.

6. Keep in touch to build relationships. After several of these Open Houses, you'll become a household name to your farm.

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