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Realm Connections: Shadowmoon and Detheroc connect on August 7th

World of Warcraft Wallpaper
World of Warcraft Wallpaper
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Those of you burdened with World of Warcraft characters on the low population realms of Shadowmoon and Deteroc will soon be seeing a little more action. This Thursday, on August 7th, the two realms will become intertwined thanks to World of Warcraft's Connected Realms feature.

Originally appearing in Patch 5.4, Connected Realms extends upon World of Warcraft's existing cross-realm technology to permanently and seamlessly link two realms to each other. The Connected Realms feature effectively creating a single, cohesive realm out of the player base of each realm. Once linked, players will be able to interact with one another, run the same raids and dungeons, join the same guilds, party up and quest together, and even access a single auction house.

On Wednesday, August 6th, a day before Shadowmoon and Detheroc become one, the French realms of Uldaman and Drek'Thar and German realms of Destromath and Nefarian/Nera'thor/Mannoroth are scheduled for connection.

If everything goes smoothly, the next US realms planned for realm connection are Shattered Hand and Dark Iron. They don't have a scheduled connection date just yet, but they shouldn't be too far behind.

In addition, the following EU realms are also on the list to be connected, but once more, no date has been set in stone.

English Realms:

  • Bronzebeard and Aerie Peak
  • Doomhammer and Turalyon
  • Emerald Dream and Terenas
  • Steamwheedle Cartel and Moonglade/The Sha'tar

French Realms:
Les Sentinelles and Confrerie du Thorium/Les Clairvoyants

German Realms:

  • Rexxar and Alleria
  • Azshara and Krag'jin
  • Kel'Thuzad, Wrathbringer and Arthas/Vek'lor/Blutkessel
  • Onyxia and Dethecus/Terrordar/Mug'thol/Theradras
  • Gorgonnash and Nefarian/Nera'thor/Mannoroth/Destromath
  • Die ewige Wacht and Die Silberne Hand
  • Todeswache and Zirkel des Cenarius

Realm Connections are subject to change at any time, so keep checking World of Warcraft's official site for up-to-the-minute update regarding the service.

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