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Really Elegant & Contemporary Bathrooms and Tiles

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The look and style of your Bathrooms and Tiles is very important to give elegance to your house. The wide range of designs of the new and innovative Shower Doors can clinch that appearance for your bathroom. Good and reputed manufacturers are offering high quality Shower Enclosures, in a large selection of superbly designed frameless structures to help give a more spacious look to your bathroom. They come complete with a guarantee and a choice of styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect shower door for your bathroom at the most competitive prices, without compromising on the quality.

Different Types of Shower Doors to enhance the elegance of your Bathrooms and Tiles:

Quadrant Shower Doors – It is the most popular in the market to suit everybody’s taste and budget. When space is an issue, a Quadrant Shower Enclosure covers less floor space in a bathroom but still gives the impression of a spacious showering experience. It also utilizes corner space, which helps when working with a small bathroom. Another reason for its popularity is its shape - the curves and minimalistic appearance adds style to any bathroom. A variation is the Offset Quadrant Shower Doors.

Corner Entry Shower Doors. Variations are Saloon Corner Entry and Offset Corner Entry. If you require a larger Bathroom Shower Enclosure, an Offset Corner Entry Shower Door is a popular choice. The rectangular shape utilizes the allocated space to the maximum giving you a spacious showering experience. It is also the perfect choice for your bathroom if you require access from both sides. Its frameless design will ensure a minimalistic appearance which will add style to any bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors -- it is a great choice if you are considering a slightly larger shower enclosure. The beauty of the sliding door is that it slides behind a fixed glass panel and don’t have to open out into the bathroom. This means that floor space is maximized and more floor area can be given over to the shower. This shower door is available in three standard sizes but can easily be altered to suit any measurement from 965mm to 1400mm. If you have the size available then you will be able to install a sliding shower door that fits your opening perfectly. It is popular when installing between two walls but can also be incorporated in a side panel.

Bi Fold Shower Doors -- a great option for a small bathroom or en suite where space and comfort is desired, both inside and outside the shower. The door opens to the inside of the shower leaving ample room for access without infringing on bathroom space outside the shower. Apart from its space-saving feature, a Bi Fold Shower Door also reduces water drips and has high quality rubber door seals fitted to guarantee all the water stays inside the enclosure. Quality Bi Fold Shower Doors are reversible for left or right hand opening have toughened glass and roller wheels to ensure an easy and trouble free gliding action. A stylish handle and slick lines generate a modern appearance for your bathroom.

Pivot / Hinge Doors and Double Pivot Doors.

Swing / Saloon Shower Doors.

Bath Screens – Single Bath Screen, Single Screen with Fixed Glass Panel, Single Screen with Fixed Glass Panel and Towel Rail, Single Screen with Towel Rail, Five Folding Bath Screen and Four Folding Bath Screen.

Walk-In / Wet Room Shower Enclosure -- Walk-In Enclosure and Tray, Wet Room Enclosure, and Wet Room Screen

Side Panel

Good and solid enclosures have an adjustment of 25mm for uneven walls, toughened clear safety glass and quick release rollers on the base of its doors. They are also power shower tested and have a lifetime guarantee.

So, if you want to add grace, elegance and a really contemporary feel to any bathroom, then be careful to select the right design, size and style of Shower Doors / Enclosures and Tiles. They are the final word for really chic Bathrooms and Tiles.