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Really bad domain names

Not a place to purchase gifts for someone special
Not a place to purchase gifts for someone special

So you are ready to create a website. It is fairly easy to do nowadays, with online programs to walk you through the steps. Or you could hire a computer geek to make a site. Most important, you must chose a domain name.

A domain name can be defined as "an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name" (Wikipedia).

A domain name needs to be something easily typed (not too long, not too short), easy to spell, and quickly identifies who you are and what you do. Most important: carefully consider that domain name before registering it.

Here are a few domain names that probably should have had more consideration prior to registration:

This company supplies contact information for talent representatives and their clients. You can type in any name. It has nothing to do with pimping or gifting a lady of the night. For example, type in "Jennifer Lopez" or "Miley Cyrus" -- but you have to be a member.

This is a company that actually makes quality pens, including "wood." The site says so: "We specialize in wood." And, they "handle the big jobs, too." So no, this is not a piece of land surrounded by water where the wild things grow. See? Searching this site, you never know what will come up.

Currently a parked page, so evidently Chris Hanson paid a visit. The new page explains, "This use to be the Web home for the Mole Station Nursery in New South Wales … predominately wholesale, specialises in the production of native shrubs, cut flower varieties and farm trees … on Mole Station, a 2430 hectare sheep and cattle property."

The main page reads, "Ready to escape to North Lake Tahoe?" It does not ask if you have company waiting. This is a site for North Lake, Tahoe, not North Lake, With-ho. There is even a page for weddings in case it does not work out.

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