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Realize Bradenton's 4th annual ArtSlam 2014

This year's 2014 ArtSlam with its focus on interactive installations drew more than 15,000 people to downtown Bradenton on March 8. Multiple teams of artists demonstrated interactive creative projects, local bands performed on several stages scattered throughout the festival, and random acts of art at streetscape sites, including video art and even an eco-friendly labyrinth, were available for attendees to experience.

Bayshore High School students helped guide young and old alike to fill in the several large outlined canvases with images inspired by the Riverwalk.
Deborah J Bell
Realize Bradenton's 2014 ArtSlam
Deborah J Bell

Realize Bradenton’s executive director, Johnette Isham, described the family-friendly festival as "largely interactive with plenty of opportunities for audiences to become part of the creative process."

ArtSlam extended past Old Main Street to include the Manatee Performing Arts Center, ArtCenter Manatee, the Village of the Arts, the Da Vinci Machines exhibit, and the South Florida Museum. Free trolleys circulating between these cultural organizations and Old Main Street allowed visitors easy access to numerous art-related events and exhibitions.

Art Slam 2014 was organized by Realize Bradenton, a non-profit organization that builds community and promotes economic development through collaborative events, partnerships, and interactive strategies. For more information about Realize Bradenton, visit