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Reality TV veteran Kelli Glover performs on America's Got Talent

During the July 1, 2014 broadcast of America's Got Talent, singer Kelli Glover returned to audition for Season 9 of America's Got Talent.

Glover is a veteran of the reality TV circuit, specifically the singing competitions. This season will be her third attempt at launching a singing career through reality TV.

Glover first appeared during the very first season of American Idol, where she clearly had no trouble impressing the judges, but did struggle with standing out for America. Glover made it into the semi-finals, and when America did not cast enough votes for her initially, she was chosen as one of five to compete for the wild card round, during which she once again fell short with America's vote.

Before she performed this year on America's Got Talent, Glover responded to the judges' question about whether she had performed on a stage like this one before by stating that she had also auditioned once before for AGT in 2009 during Season 4; that she had advanced to Vegas Week and was cut.

Glover's performance was strong enough that, in 2012, our own America's Got Talent Examiner named her in his list of most wanted returning contestants. He also notes that Glover's elimination came after the final spot in the Top 40 was given to Mia Boostrom, who had previously been cut during Vegas Week in America's Got Talent's third season, and speculates that Glover may have been cut, not in judgment of her talent, but to make for a more dramatic conclusion.

After performing an inspiring cover of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," the four current AGT judges, none of whom had been at the table during Season 4, all asked the same question: How could she possibly have been cut?

Fortunately for Glover, this is not a question she is liable to be asked again. As the AGT Examiner noted at the beginning of his list, of all the acts that have auditioned for AGT twice, only two have ever been cut during Vegas Week a second time.

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