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Reality TV show shooting: Carlos Enrique Barron's sentence is determined

A Glock 9mm was the gun used in the reality TV show shooting
A Glock 9mm was the gun used in the reality TV show shooting
Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images

Carlos Enrique Barron has been sentenced in the reality TV show shooting that involved crew members from the show “Repo Games.” Barron will spend 90 days in a county jail, and he also will have five years of probation. The Associated Press via ABC News shared the details on Tuesday.

The incident happened in April 2011. Nobody was injured, and Barron asked for leniency and mercy at the sentencing on Tuesday. He originally was facing up to 22 years in a state prison for the charges. Barron faced two counts of attempted murder, one count of felony discharge of a firearm into a vehicle, felony assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, carrying a concealed weapon and misdemeanor charges of discharging a firearm. He was acquitted of the most serious charges.

The reality TV show shooting happened when Barron confronted two men in a van who were blocking his driveway. The men were “Repo Games” crew members, according to the Associated Press. Reports indicate that police found two bullet casings near Barron's garage, but they also found another in the street. This led authorities to believe he may have followed the men as they left the driveway, indicating he fired needlessly.

Barron was a high school special education teacher and he used to serve as the president for his homeowner association. He testified during the defense, and he said he was acting in self-defense when he fired his gun three times. According to CBS Las Vegas, Barron panicked and threatened the two crew members, indicating that he would kill them. He says he thought he was going to be attacked.

The man claims that he shot into the air and there were no injuries, but there was a bullet hole in the van that prosecutors said was from Barron's gun. The judge told Barron, “You can't do this and not have some kind of penalty attached,” thus leading to the sentence handed down. Carlos Enrique Barron will be allowed to remain free for the next month until a status hearing regarding the reality TV show hearing on July 24.