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Reality TV Show Realtors & Renovations

Renovated House Ivan Katz
Renovated House Ivan Katz
Ivan Katz

Reality Show Realtors & Renovations

As I'm sitting here watching the Real Estate Reality TV Show "Million Dollar Listing" it occurs to me that most of these shows are really far from actual reality! I can't imagine how such self-obsessed agents like those on "Million Dollar Listing" actually get real sellers or buyers to work with them.

They constantly let their own biases, opinions and attitudes factor in to their relations with their clients. When I'm working with a client, I know how important it is to actually listen to what they have to say, and of course though it's too obvious to point out, actually look out for my clients' interests.
Sure it might make entertaining TV, but the whole nature of those shows is to create this crazy false sense of conflict and tension that should never exist in a healthy Realtor & client relationship. If you are stressing out your buyers or sellers, than you are doing your job as a Realtor poorly! That's not to say that you don't need to occasionally be the harsh voice of reality for an over-priced seller, or a buyer with unrealistic expectations, but it.
The worst thing about these Real Estate Reality shows is that they really give Realtors a bad name. It's might be fascinating to watch professionals act like total jerks on the small screen, but there's really no place for any of that in the real real estate industry.

A close second to the worst thing about these shows is that some of them make renovating a home look like a piece of cake. These husband and wife house flippers never talk about the true costs of labor and actually listing and selling a home when they break down their profits at the end of each show. They never talk about Realtor costs, or short term capital gains, it's always some arbitrary high figure that makes it look like you can accomplish a whole home renovation all in the space of one hour!

I've been buying and renovating homes for 12 years, and I've learned a thing or two about what it really takes to make money renovating properties. And unfortunately I'm here to tell you, that it's not as easy as it looks on TV! The glitzy reality shows cut to commercial instead of showing you 2 weeks of delays because your contractor has a personal situation. They don't sit with the Real Estate Reality Stars as they spend countless hours at the permit office. And they certainly don't talk about the unexpected problems that arise when you uncover decades or centuries of problems hidden behind the walls of last centuries homes.

I've actually been on an episode of HGTV's "Design to Sell" and I can tell you from experience that most of what you see on Reality TV is actually really staged! Remember, they have to entertain the viewers! They have to make a "show". They don't have to tell a real and true story!

I actually enjoy watching "Rehab Addict" with Nicole Curtis. Like me, she's actually a licensed Realtor, and she also exhibits good taste in her renovations, always combining the classic elements of a home with a modern spin. She also portrays the real feeling of stress that you often get when you are cash flow poor, and you are months and tens of thousands of dollars away from being able to sell your renovation!

So remember if you are looking to get into the home renovation business, be sure to plan accordingly and save up lots of money too. Of course you'll also want to have a list of competent contractors who can deliver not just good results, but can also do it on time and under budget! It might also help to work with a Realtor who has been there and done it!

And lastly if you really want to buy or sell a home in the real world, than work with a Realtor who is not about creating drama or conflict. Work with an agent who is all about minimizing conflicts and problem solving without adding stress to an already potentially stressful transaction. A good Realtor will be grounded in reality, unlike those who are often seen on Reality TV!

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***Please remember that Realtors are not accountants or lawyers, and if you want any such advice you should seek out those specific professionals to answer your questions. Realtors are not licensed to give financial or legal advice!***

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