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Reality TV ruining relationships here in Atlanta

Degradation of Reality TV relationships
Degradation of Reality TV relationships
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Reality TV is ruining relationships here in Atlanta. Strong statement right, but when you speak to the average woman in Atlanta, they are very well versed in the reality TV genre and the different participants. They follow these Reality show relationships and will firmly proclaim, “that’s how it is,” and “this show is the real deal.”

The problem is as much as 90% of the relationships on these shows are dysfunctional at best or at least portrayed that way. These shows serve up a fare of everything from infidelity, to domestic violence to every variety of disrespect you can imagine. After all, drama sells. These shows are not here to portray wholesome relationships for people to pattern their lives after, they are here to bring in ratings and make the networks money. To do so they need sensationalized situations that push the envelope about as far as it can go.

The nature of most human beings, are to align their selves with the negative. So, it is not hard to see why so many are more likely to believe the drama and accept it as reality and at the same time be entertained by it. These shows do their damage in that they cause people not to strive to do their best. Viewers look at these shows and say to their selves, “if this big star can suffer this type of issue, why would my life be any better.” Then there are those who say, “Wow, she is going through that, well my life is not so bad.” There is less of a desire to work on one’s relationship to make it as healthy as possible. Viewing these situations can and do lull people into a place of hopelessness. However, what is even worse many get ideas from these Reality show behaviors that they now emulate in their own relationship.

Relationships today are vulnerable. There are so many elements that can work against it, if the participants take the focus off the relationship and look for solutions elsewhere. Relationships are difficult. Sometimes you just get tired and patience becomes low, however it is very important that one realize that his or her relationship is not for someone’s entertainment, it is real life and you cannot turn the channel and watch something else. It is what you make of it so why not make it a blockbuster.

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