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Reality TV has just about taken over

Reality TV shows
Reality TV shows

Because America can’t seem to get enough of reality TV, several cable networks will bring Christmas early for some folk. That’s right. E!, A&E, Discovery and TLC have all but wrapped and delivered those presents to audiences across the U.S. So if you are a reality TV junkie, steady that remote for the onslaught coming your way:

‘Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons’ – Lets face it. There is much more ground these sisters need to explore and cover. And if lifestyles and travels of these rich and famous siblings are not enough how about another Kardashian fix to program into your DVR?

‘DASH Doll’ will center around the daily “realities” of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe’s upscale DASH boutiques. Come on people. Keep up (with the Kardashians).

‘Escape Club’ is slated to premiere June 8 and will give 12 twenty-something(s) a chance to escape to an exclusive, exotic resort. Is the pleasure trip free? Not exactly. In order to stay, participants will have to do whatever it takes to keep their dream spot in paradise. Surely, there won’t be any backstabbing happening just to keep from coming back home to go to work.

Come this September, viewers can watch ‘Botch’ and wince as they follow people seeking physicians to correct extreme plastic surgery gone wrong. They hope to find their cosmetic answers in plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. Its nip/tuck gone wrong made right.

‘Gucci’ will chronicle the love story between the late Aldo Guicci (son of designer magnate Cuccio Gucci) and Bruna Palombo. The story will be relayed via the unique point of view of their daughter, Patricia.

‘DVF’ which is a possible title, will introduce audiences to the high-powered world of fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg. Be prepared to get a good dose of reality as you peek into the demanding stratosphere called fashion.

‘Christina Milian’ – The singer/actress will be one of the latest celebrities to allow cameras to follow her around. The family docusoap is supposed to deliver the usual reality fare of drama and comedy.

‘Secret Societies of Hollywood’- Now here’s a daring one. Sneak over the red carpet, past the security guards and iron gates and discover the cults, underground clubs and goodness knows what else that goes on with those in the entertainment industry. This series will return with four one-hour episodes. Episodes include: ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood: Deals and Dealers,’ ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood: Lies & Scandals,’ ‘Secrets of Hollywood: Fads & Fetishes,’ and ‘Secret Societies of Hollywood: Pursuit of Perfection.’ This one may be a reality series game changer and bring celebrity gawking to a screeching halt.
‘After Party’ is a half-hour daily show that recaps the best of the past 24 hours in television and pop culture news. The show will be hosted by a panel of television and pop culture experts and will feature guests, games, insider info and more.

Now if you really, really love reality TV but insist you’re not the couch potato your friends accuse you of being, then this full listing may just give their words prophetic meaning.

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