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Reality Television Shows Are Entertaining Just Not In A Good Way

Reality Television: Didn't See It Coming
Reality Television: Didn't See It Coming
(Me), Mom, Tiara, Keren, London, Janessa and Josie.

Do you remember “The Walton’s” or “Little House on the Prairie”? “Good Times” or “The Jeffersons”? I know, how about “The Twilight Zone” or “Unsolved Mysteries”? Maybe I am really showing my age. Perhaps you are more familiar with today’s reality type shows and have forgotten about or have never known the "gems" from "back in the day". These were shows that entertained without profanity or too much sexual exposure, if any at all. Somehow they managed to entertain without disrespecting women, leaving us always with something to think about. There was always a lesson to be learned. Today these shows would perhaps be called “sappy” or dare I say, “boring.” It just is no fun if some woman is not being called a bad name or being thrown across a table. It is no wonder that there is so much disrespect among our youth for authority and that women are disrespected in society today, now perhaps more than ever. There is no sense of sisterhood – sometimes I think no sense of brotherhood. I am not sure what we can learn from a group of women fighting over one man,criticizing another or worst pulling another female’s hair. The only lesson that can be learned is that "misery loves company".

I do not know if you have noticed that most of the reality shows are centered on women, and not men, behaving badly. Women, who need to learn more than ever before how to be treated like queens, are being fed a daily morsel of sexism and disrespect on a "plate of entertainment". The raunchier a reality show - the higher its ratings. Therefore, the more violence, bad language and skin displayed in a television show, the producers know the higher the ratings and the longer the television show will last.

Sometimes, I think about what a person would think about our country, if he or she was judging us by our television shows alone. Would they think that we do not cherish our women? What would they think of how much we value our families? I do not think that anyone would come away feeling that our values are strong.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure these shows are very entertaining but I do not believe that anyone will remember them ten years from now. However, I am sure that those of you that have watched, still remember the episode of “Good Times” when Florida Evans husband died or the last episode of “MASH” or “Cheers” or the episode of “The Waltons”, when the grandmother suffered a stroke or the fire that claimed the life of the Engel’s grandchild on “Little House on the Prairie”. These were all classics. It is sort of like comparing any singer of today to the “Luther Vandross’s” from back in the day – THERE IS JUST NO COMPARISON.