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Reality Steve changes 'Bachelorette' spoilers for overnight dates episode

Why "Bachelorette" Andi send Chris S. home?
Why "Bachelorette" Andi send Chris S. home?
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Blogger Reality Steve announced some changes to his "Bachelorette" spoilers on Monday. The changes center around Chris Soules and what happens on the overnight dates episode that is due to air July 14. Does this mean that that Steve's prediction of who gets the final rose from Andi is wrong? According to Reality Steve's latest post, no. Instead, he made a few tweaks to his original spoilers. Both involve Chris Soules, the farmer who Steve states is being offered the role of the next "Bachelor."

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The first change is related to the June 23 episode. Initially, Steve wrote that Chris got a rose on the group date in Italy. He then changed it to Josh and late this afternoon, he changed it back to Chris. Obviously he received some conflicting information about who gets the group date rose, but in the grand scheme of things, who cares? He still confirms that Chris makes it through the hometown dates and on to the overnight dates.

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However, the other spoiler change revolves around the overnight dates. You know, the steamy fantasy suite dates that former "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik's ex, Courtney Robertson, dishes about in her saucy new book, "I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain"?

Steve's initial spoilers indicate that Chris, Josh, Nick and Marcus all make it to the overnight dates. One would assume they all chose to spend the night in a fantasy suite with Andi, but now it looks like that won't be happening for Chris. Steve updated his blog on Monday to say that Andi sends Chris home prior to shacking up in the horizontal mambo suite.

Why did Andi send Chris home prior to their overnight date? It's clear that if ABC really wants Chris to be the next "Bachelor", they probably offered him the opportunity to become the next "Bachelor" in lieu of a one-night stand with Andi. After all, there is no real connection between the two and God knows we need a polite farmer to be ABC's next leading man. No doubt all of the milk maids will be lining up for a chance to take a shot at becoming his future wife.

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Tune in to the "Bachelorette" tonight when 8 guys head to Italy and 6 make the cut and move on to the next episode. Wondering who goes home tonight? Click here to read the spoilers and watch a video preview of tonight's show.

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