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Reality Steve: 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo lives with Camila's mom, Carla Rodriguez

Does 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo live with Camila's mom?
Does 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo live with Camila's mom?
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"Bachelor" Juan Pablo makes his final pick on Monday's season finale, but how will she feel about living with the mother of his daughter, Camila, and his parents?

Blogger Reality Steve states that not only does Juan Pablo live at home with his parents, his ex-girlfriend, Carla Rodriquez lives there as well.

Is Juan Pablo already cheating on his final pick?

Life & Style reported last week that the "Bachelor" lived with his family in a 3-bedroom condo, but Reality Steve added that the report was not totally accurate, stating, "Juan Pablo does not live in a condo with his parents. He lives in a condo with his parents, Carla, Camila, his sister, and her kid. Fact. And no, he doesn’t have any money either."

Juan Pablo reportedly gives frontrunner Nikki Ferrell the final rose on the season finale that airs March 10, 2014, but does not propose to her. There are rumors that they are already fighting, possibly because no sane woman would ever want to marry a man who reportedly lives with his ex-girlfriend and his parents.

Of course, ABC wants a happy ending to this nightmarish season of "The Bachelor" so it has been rumored that the producers of the show offered Juan Pablo money to propose to Nikki during the live "After the Final Rose" special.

Does ABC pay 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo to propose to Nikki on 'ATFR' special?

Whether he will take that cash, get married and get his own place is something fans of the show will find out on Monday night when Juan Pablo appears with his final pick on the "ATFR"special that airs right after the "dramatic" conclusion to a very bizarre season of "The Bachelor."

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