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Reality star Nicole Murphy shares surprising secret to staying slim

Nicole Murphy
Photo credit: Getty Images

Nicole Murphy has been in the spotlight for many years while married to her former husband, actor Eddie Murphy. Murphy has always maintained a healthy physique and since her reality tv debut fans were wondering how she stays in shape. The 46-year-old model shared her health and fitness secrets with People Magazine on May 23.

When it comes to celebrity dieting many are under the impression that there is a secret unknown to the public that only celebrities are privy to or they are simply depriving themselves of food. Surprisingly it is the exact opposite for the model.

The mother of five says she treats herself to sweet snacks on a daily basis. Although Murphy works out almost daily and eats fairly healthy, she says, she does not deprive herself of a snack when she craves it. Murphy shared her love for burgers and indulges in one cheat meal per week. In an effort to alleviate some of the guilt she eats her burger with lettuce in place of bread and has a side of sweet potato fries.

Murphy admitted to keeping a jar filled with her favorite brand of cookies so she can enjoy a couple during her mid morning snack. She also shared her love for oatmeal raisin cookies and macarons from her favorite bakeries in California.

Murphy takes cardio kickboxing classes with Natalie Yco, author of 'Running in Heels: Quick and Smart Snack Entrees'. Also, she alternates between circuit training, hiking and yoga on a weekly basis but makes an effort to workout daily.

Murphy will be featured in People’s "Most Talked About Bodies Issue" which was released on May 23. In the special issue the reality star talks more in depth of her fitness journey and shared photos of her toned physique.

Nicole Murphy is engaged to former Football star Michael Strahan and has five children with former husband Eddie Murphy. She is also currently starring in the 3rd season of VH1’s hit reality show 'Hollywood Exes'.

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