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Reality is now life in a cell phone: What would happen if you forgot your phone?

Years ago people kept photo albums and scrapbooks for memories of their family vacations and special events such as birthday parties.

Is there ever a time when we don't need to record our private moments anymore?

Today everything we do is documented in-the-moment through gadgets such as cell phones, iPads or tablets.

From checking into a restaurant to celebrating the loss of your baby's first tooth, the world can celebrate with you and/or LIKE your status update.

Have we become a society so engrossed in our digital lives that we forget to actually enjoy the actual-moment?

When you watch this video it seems so many of the people are trying to enjoy the event, yet more concerned about getting it recorded at the same time.

Isn't there some parts of our lives that should be our own? It seems we all survived for years without sharing many parts of our private lives such as proposals and giving birth to a child, yet today we can open social networks and find the most private parts of lives shared for the world to see.

Of course this is only an opinion piece and everyone has the freedom to share what they feel they are comfortable sharing.

The next time you pick up your phone to start recording and clicking those photos, think about if you are enjoying the event you are at or more concerned about getting those pictures.

You only live once. Be there in the moment - enjoy it.

Take 2-minutes to watch I Forgot My Phone and pass this on.

Quick tips to help prevent over-sharing, keep in mind, once things are posted online, they truly are public and permanent.

Sadly there are no guarantees when someone will copy and paste your posts and pictures.

  • Share your information with real friends and contacts only
  • Turn off geolocation on most apps
  • Set your social media profiles to non-searchable
  • Share selectively (this includes family members)
  • Never post photos that are questionable (or videos)
  • Keep in mind, less is more
  • Try not to get too personal, you may end up with post remorse
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