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Reality Bites...literally (X-Factor premiere)

Paranormal Suspense  book, Tempestuous Tales by Kandie Delley available as eBook on (kindle) and Barnes and (nook).
Paranormal Suspense book, Tempestuous Tales by Kandie Delley available as eBook on (kindle) and Barnes and (nook).
by Kandie Delley

After viewing last week's premiere of Fox's X-Factor , I ended up feeling a case of deflated joy. It seemed as if the show didn't have enough singers who ACTUALLY had 'vocal chops'. It had me wondering, at this point-- regarding reality singing competitions--if talent matters at all?

Stacy Francis at 2009 Friars Foundation Applause Award Gala
Stacy Francis and respective owners

Granted, by the second night, things started looking better. However, there are way too many people becoming famous from short stints on singing competitions, who do everything under the sun except sing well--yet they reap golden opportunities.

I swear, some of these people know they can't sing worth a lick but still prance up on a stage to gain five minutes of whatever bottom of the barrel fame they can get, for instance, Mr. XXX-Factor's disgusting Full Monty . I think I had bigger aspirations for X-Factor, so the 'disappointment' was deeper for me than apparently some of my friends and associates, who think it's the best talent competition.

I'm seriously agged people. Gone are the days of Star Search. If it wasn't for Stacy Francis's golden voice, Caitlin Koch's take on a Supremes classic and Melanie Amaro's belting vocals, I would've lost complete hope in the show. I know people are hype about Chris Rene, but right now I'm not [I'll tell you why in my next commentary of X-Factor].

Now, there is something different about the show in general, and that is its deal with Pepsi to add a new spokesperson for its legendary commercial spot. This new X-Factor winner will walk in the same light as musical greats like, Michael Jackson.

Say whuuuuut?

Hmmm. Maybe as the season progresses things will get better [for me]. Here's hoping!

X-Factor airs on Fox, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm C.S.T. Follow me on twitter @kankan929 for tweets during the show.

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Kandie Delley is an author, actor and producer living in North Texas. Her book Tempestuous Tales is now available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and other digital formats. Paperback coming soon!


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