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Realign your body and mind for the holidays at The Enlightened Healing Center

Eye pillows - a few of the many products sold at the Enlightened Healing Center
Eye pillows - a few of the many products sold at the Enlightened Healing Center
Photo: Enlightened Healing Center website

Do you find yourself already running on all pistons, trying to balance work and your home life with the hobbies you are involved in too? Forget it if you have children to add to the mix. You are a real life superhero. And with Thanksgiving next Thursday, there’s hardly any time to unwind and care for your body. I know, you might be thinking, “I don’t have time to do that, plus it’s just another expense.”

Well, think again. If you can’t be good to yourself then it will be impossible to be good for others. Period. Even the best superheroes crash and burn at some point. And unlike the stories in comic books, no one has the magic solution to bring your energy back if that happens. But there is a place in Orland Park, IL that specializes in bodywork and other healing techniques. So, read on, my friend.

The Enlightened Healing Center is a natural healing boutique that offers consultations and alternative service treatments to help re-align not only your body, but also your mind and spirit too. Services leaving you feeling more grounded and relaxed. Think of it as recharging your batteries so you can be the best you were meant to be. They also offer an entire menu of treatments dedicated to the wellness of some of our dearest friends, our pets. Because even the smallest of creatures can be out of balance, especially if you treat them as your sidekicks.

Founder of the healing center and alternative health practitioner, Karen J. Erickson recommends a Natural Healing Consultation to all new clientele. A session where she can properly diagnose needs and recommend treatments from their extensive menu of energy balancing services. And Karen is good. She has been working in the energy healing industry for over 15 years now and has even healed her own body from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But let’s assume you don’t have any pre-existing conditions, well at least, not yet. The goal is always to be proactive and tend to the energy drain in the body before a condition might advance. Often felt as pain, but sometimes left undetected. So, if you notice your energy dwindling lately but are unsure of the source, then a Psychosomatic Energetic Test (PSE) might be right for you. Limited in the Midwest because of the training involved, Karen has been through the sessions necessary and utilizes this machine to test the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body. Developed in Germany by Dr. Reimar Bani  along with another doctor, this machine is one of the most comprehensive systems available to test unconscious conflicts in the body.

Maybe that’s all a bit much for you. But you like the idea of seeking a little pampering and preventative wellness before the relatives arrive. Then choose from one of the healing center’s various bodywork techniques, like a Hot Rock Massage, or Reflexology Session. And if you feel like a detox is in order before indulging in all the rich foods the holidays can bring, then you may want to try a Lymphatic Drain Massage with Light Therapy. A treatment where lights are used to stimulate the lymphatic system so that your body removes toxins and increases circulation.

For the more spiritually-minded, there is an entire section dedicated to energy body work performed by an array of skilled practitioners. Try a Shamanic Energy Healing, Reiki Session with Crystal Layout or an Angel Guidance & Healing, to name a few. And they even offer different types of clairvoyant readings so that you might see if Aunt Mildred will be bringing to dinner her infamous fruitcake this year.

Most treatments at the healing center run anywhere from 15-100 dollars, depending on your wellness needs. And as always, it is best to consult with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough for a bodywork treatment prior to the session.

But trust that while at the Enlightened Healing Center, you will be treated with care. And will leave feeling more relaxed and balanced, helping to realign your mind, body and spirit. So schedule an appointment in color therapy, natural healing, meditation or manifesting and don’t forget, it’s best to treat yourself before you treat others this holiday season. Treatments meant for superheroes like you.

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