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Real work opportunities for girls in South Florida that can boost thier self-esteem

MIFF Internships
MIFF Internships

Real work opportunities through volunteering will very likely enhance a young girls self-esteem. The satisfaction that comes from doing real work is undeniable. Knowing that their efforts matter to something larger than themselves has important benefits. For teen girls to actively be a part of the adult world keeps a girl's focus on the task she's doing and away from what people think of her. Being busy actively working for a cause of their liking also keeps them from being overly concerned about what they look like. It is important for adolescent girls to feel valued for her ideas and work, not only for her appearance.

Here in South Florida there are increasingly many opportunities for girls to express their talents and be part of their communities in a productive way. For example the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF), on March 5-14, 2010, offers temporary internships designed to provide work-related learning experience for students. It's never too early to start building their resume. For more information check out their website or e-mail them here.

The Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale also offers a temporary internship program for high school students. They also offer volunteering opportunities and college credits for those interested. The Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale is located in One E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. You can e-mail them for more information.

For girls of all ages it's a good idea to motivate them into volunteering through the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida Council. where they can join other like minded girls for many enjoyable opportunities and build their character and self-esteem. The Girl Scouts also offer a program specifically aimed girls self-esteem issues through the uniquely ME! program.  This program  helps girls feel better about themselves by helping them develop the skills necessary to face life's challenges and consists of activity booklets that guide girls through simple exercises that help them understand and build self-esteem. To join the fun you can register your daughter at their site.

For more information on the benefits of real work for girls check out this article at from New Moon Girls. New Moon Girls is an inspirational on line magazine for preteen girls.