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Real spiritual growth results from submission to what one does not want to do

Submitting oneself to what one does not want to do is quite different to doing something one wants to do which is agreement.
Submitting oneself to what one does not want to do is quite different to doing something one wants to do which is agreement.

Being in agreement is a wonderful trait to display, but being in submission is the true mark of a seasoned Christian. One is taught all about submission with Jesus willing to go to the cross even though He really did not want to. It goes with the spiritual truth of “he that exalts himself will be abased, and he that abases himself will be exalted".

Yes, there are quite a few paradoxical statements pregnant with spiritual realities in the Bible which exemplify God’s statement, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate”. You really do have to walk by faith and not by sight concerning submission.

It is quite easy to take on a task as a ministry when doing something you enjoy doing or have personal interests taking part. There is not much of a sacrifice being displayed except for the time committed to doing the work one prefers doing.

Many believers have a difficult time connecting with Jesus’ declaration to “pick up your cross and follow Me”.
Jesus did not want to be crucified, but neither do many believers of the faith.

The real challenges takes place when one assumes a task, work, or sacrifice when one does not want to do it or finds objections to doing. It is the same spiritual test when one needs to forgive somebody that does not deserve to be forgiven, and you do not want to forgive.

As with forgiveness, submission is willingly submitting oneself to a circumstance one truly does not want to partake in.
The perfect model of submission is provided by Jesus Christ who really did not want to go to His execution and separation from the Father.

The Garden of Gethsemane was the spiritual battleground with Jesus ultimately submitting to God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. Jesus pointedly requested that the Father, “take this cup of poison from Me, nevertheless not My will, but Thy will be done”.

Submission to God’s authority and will is a deliberate act of setting aside your personal authority in lieu of giving God full permission to do what need to be done through oneself.

With Mary called upon to carry the Messiah to full term, God did not force her to take part without Mary’s absolute submission to what God planned. Mary declared, “Be it unto me according to Your will”, a similar proclamation of submission demonstrated by Christ in His moment of decision.

Should Mary had declined, there would have been another individual raised up according to God’s rules to carry the root and offspring of David, from the tribe of Judah, and from the house of Israel as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures. God foreknew the response of Mary and already declared what would take place before the foundation of the Earth. But as with anyone else, God did not force Mary.

Greater strength, increased faith, and spiritual maturity blossoms as a result of submitting to God’s will and putting your trust into Him that is called the Ancient of Days

In the book of Hebrews it states that “without faith it is impossible to please God”. The Bible holds a plethora of stories regarding people doing something they really did not want to do by submitting to God’s will.

Supernatural things can take place as a consequence of taking a bold step of faith and being in submission to something one really does not want to do. It is the ingredient that can unleash a miracle. Once we are out of the way, God can be free to perform a great work through us.

Those that have submitted to what God wanted instead of what they wanted to do will confess that the process was painful starting but turned glorious in its completion. Many also admit that they would never have done it without being prompted by the Holy Spirit, a powerful witness that brings conviction to many.

So, you don’t think you can do it? Good, God can be free to use you.

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