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Real Skateboards re-releases the Hanging Klansman skateboard

REAL Skateboard's re-released their famous Jim Theibaud's Hanging Klansman deck in 2013 on the 20th Anniversary of it's original release. Jim Theibaud and Tommy Guerrero have always used REAL Skateboards as a platform to express themselves freely through their graphics. This board epitomizes free expression.

Real Skateboards re-releases the Hanging Klansman skateboard
Photo by provided Deluxe Distribution

The first re-print of 250 boards sold out so quickly that REAL Skateboards had to issue another reprint. This time for REAL's 2014 printing they are printing 300 boards and added are adding a few color options for the background veneers. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these limited edition reprints will go to the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to helping kids with Leukemia. - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

From REAL Skateboard's Jim Theibaud:

Surprise...yep...we blew it again. The response to the first reissue of the Hanging Klansman was overwhelming. We truly had no idea it would go the way it did (See? Stupid is us). It was never our intention to cut people out of getting the deck. The original 250 sold out in a few hours and it was painfully clear we didn’t make anywhere near enough to get even the die hard backers a chance at the decks. Your calls, emails and threats did not go unheard. We decided to make a second pressing of 300 more with three new colored veneers for anyone who may have missed out on the first round. Hopefully we got it right this time.

Thank you for being apart of it - it means so much.

A portion of the proceeds from these second pressing Limited Edition Hanging Klansman decks will go to Johnny Kicks Cancer, an amazing foundation dedicated to helping kids with Leukemia - thank you for the help!

Roll Forever - Jim Theibaud Real Skateboards

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