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Real 'scandal' is no lovemaking for Fitz and Mellie for 10 years

Last night's episode was another bizarre moment of Huck and Quinn licking each other's faces, but the real cringe-worthy moment was Fitz saying he hadn't had sex with his wife in 10 years. Yikes!

Actors Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn arrive at the Disney Media Networks International Upfronts at Walt Disney Studios on May 19, 2013 in Burbank, Calif.
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Gladiators know about the rape scene with Mellie, but in 10 years, she still hasn't been honest about it with Fitz. And even for those who are opposed to cheating, it's awfully difficult not to see where Fitz is coming from when his wife tells him she's not sexual anymore but finds out from his daughter that she had sex with Uncle Andrew.

When he asked what did she sacrifice for him, even women who may not care for Mellie should've been screaming at the TV, "Tell him about his dad! Just spit it out!"

Of course that would raise questions again about Fitz's son. In three seasons, this is the first time viewers saw the president's two older children. It was no secret that they weren't fond of his drinking and obsession with politics from a previous episode, but viewers knew nothing more than what the presidential couple's new baby looked like. Maybe it was for the better because both older children leave much to be desired. His daughter was dramatic enough, but his son went a step further and wanted to wear the opposition's campaign T-shirt. And in true bratty teenager mode, he created a Twitter account mocking his own father's presidential run. They like Fitz about as much as Fitz likes Mellie.

And Mellie may have been celibate for a decade, but she is no one's fool. Remember in season 1 "The Trail" when Mellie told the press she had a miscarriage? What if she really did have a miscarriage but with Jerry's baby? Viewers still don't know whether their oldest son is Fitz's younger brother or son. Gladiators do know this kid can't stand him though. And at times Mellie and Fitz don't seem that thrilled with each other either.

But what are the odds that the average married couple would go 10 years without some form of sex?

According to Psychology Today, the average amount of playtime for married couples is seven times per month (or less than twice per week). Other PT studies concluded with the following:

  • Out of 16,000 American adults, participants reported having sex two to three times per month.
  • The under-40 crowd reported sex once a week.
  • In the first two years of a relationship, 67 percent of gay couples, 45 percent of heterosexual couples and 33 percent of lesbian couples had sex three times a week or more.

In a 1994 University of Chicago study cited by the Wall Street Journal, 32 percent of married couples reported having sex two to three times per week and 47 percent reported having sex a few times per month.

Of course Mellie's circumstances are a lot more drastic than these couples, but does the 10-year gap make viewers understand why Fitz cheated? If that's the case, does that give Olivia Pope a free pass, too, or is she still just a mistress superhero who looks great in white?

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