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Real NHL Kings Sharks Game 6 Preview

The L.A. Kings celebrate a 3-0 shut out win in game 5 at the SAP Centre in San Jose
The L.A. Kings celebrate a 3-0 shut out win in game 5 at the SAP Centre in San Jose
T.W. Henderson/Getty Images

Is it the Kings or the Sharks that are really on the ropes now? With a tidy 3-2 lead the Kings must be after being down 0-3 but psychologically I suspect it is the other way round. Given the Kings dominant performances in their last two games backstopped by a solid and confident Jonathan Quick who was the most important player during their Cup winning run a few years back, what can the Shark’s do to at least make it a close game in L.A. tonight?

Sharks coach McLellan on game five, “The speed factor was non-existent, our execution and puck support was poor and we played into their hands, give them credit.” How about, we weren't good enough from the goal tender out to keep up with an LA team that is now rolling? It would be a relief for a Sharks fan to hear a solution from the coach about the specifics of what they need to do in order to grab one more win.

The two wins the Kings need to move on is not much to ask from a team that seems to have founds its Stanley Cup winning form. In retrospect the overtime game 3 result could have gone the other way so the Kings could be up 3-2 in the series and suggests it is perhaps closer than it would appear at first glance. McLellan should be worried. He has no answers and is really just hoping the Sharks can somehow win one and move on.

According to, the Kings are the favourite at home in game 6. Should the Kings force a game seven, who would bet against them? If the Sharks do not advance they would be only the fourth team to blow a 3-0 series lead in NHL history. As well, the Sharks have an established disappearing act come play-off time and if they don’t find a way to beat L.A. tonight in what should be an excellent and close game, all bets are off. This post-season at least so far is full of comebacks both in series and in games with Chicago coming back to win four straight and then Anaheim coming back in dramatic fashion to send Dallas packing.

If L.A. can keep it going, force a seventh game and advance, it would certainly fit with the trend this post season.