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Real Mermaids on the California Coast? (Video)

An extraordinary video posted to YouTube on July 4 claims to show two "Mermaids" swimming in the surf along a stretch of the California coast.

Real Mermaids have been filmed swimming off the California coast claims a video uploaded to YouTube
07TV @YouTube

Can it be real?

The video, titled Real Mermaids On California Coast, is just a few seconds long, and shows two figures swimming along the shore.

One dives into the waves and clearly shows a fluked tail as it submerges. The other, just yards away, and more human in form, seems to wave one of its "fins" at the camera before disappearing beneath the waves.

What is it?

The original, typically grainy and blurred, is just a few seconds long. In the second half of the YouTube video, posted by the Paranormal research channel 07TV, the segment is enhanced, magnified and slowed down. The closeup look doesn't help to clear up the mystery. In fact, it only serves to deepen it.

The figure waving at the camera looks human in form, yet closer to a Manatee than Mermaid. But the intelligent look on the barely discernible features, and the mysterious wave at the camera, only adds to the confusion.

Fake Mermaid videos have popped up before on YouTube, with virtually every one of them exposed as a hoax. But, like any Paranormal topic, some of the images have yet to be fully explained and discounted. This video is just the latest example.

If it's a fake Mermaid video, it's an awfully good one.

Click the video to have a look.

What do you think?

Is this video proof that Mermaids exist? Or is it just another Mermaid hoax?

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