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Real men and their cats

ARF-IL Cats up for adoptionAristotle would be there to curl up in dad's lap at night for some quiet time.
ARF-IL Cats up for adoptionAristotle would be there to curl up in dad's lap at night for some quiet time.

So much has been said about cat ownership, but with men it only makes sense that many of them would choose a cat as a pet. For one, cats are independent creatures. They basically take care of themselves. Men like this; very little responsibility and love to boot is a great combination for many men.

Cats have been said to have domesticated themselves. The same could probably be said of many men. The two are just so similar in so many ways.

Wasn’t the lion labeled ‘King of the Jungle’ and man is ‘King of his realm?’ The two just seem to be suited for one another! Both seem to rule their roost.

This is why the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day would be a feline in search of its forever home. There are so many to choose from.

For some reason cats end up in shelters and rescues and are adopted much later than dogs are. Being that these animals fit so well with the lifestyle of the male population, you would think that these organizations would constantly be seeking more animals to place, not less.

Many fathers (whether they admit it or not) really like to have an animal curl up in their lap after a long day at the office or after a stretch out on the road. Men like to feel loved and needed, too, and a cat is one of the animals that are willing to provide individual love. They just seem to know the exact moment that a man needs to have a bit more affection than they do at other times.

Since there is an overabundance of cats in local rescues and shelters, this would be the perfect gift for dad on his special day (only if he does not have allergies though!). A cat just may be the very best gift he has ever gotten!

There is still time to go online, fill out the required paperwork, gather your fee together and stop by before Sunday to get dad a living, breathing testament to how special you think that he truly is. Real men will love their cats and care for them for many years to come. Even after kids are grown, kitty is normally still there to keep dad company when he needs someone by his side.

Dad has done so much for you over the years. Why not provide him some unconditional love that may be there even after you have flown the coop?

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