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Real life 'Star Trek' replicator makes a pizza

According to on Jan. 28, it appears that making food with a "Star Trek" piece of 3D printing technology similar to that of the fictional replicator is coming closer to reality. Last year in May, NASA had mentioned they'd be teaming up with Systems & Materials Research Consultancy (SMRC) in the designing of a 3D printer that can create food or more definitively pizza.

NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building as seen on July 6, 2005.
Photo by MrMiscellanious, released under the PD

Funding was granted to the SMRC to participate in developing this technology for the purpose of long term space flights. The components for producing such a product would entail a heated plate, long lasting powdered ingredients and individual holding containers for the pizza components such as oil, flour, and powder. The process takes around 12 minutes and even additional nutrients can be added for the purpose of nourishment during space flights.

The next step is to receive the FDA's approval and with all that being said, this could indeed bode well if it pans out. For one, the SMRC had this to say:

"By exploring and implementing technologies such as 3-D printing, this may avoid food shortage, inflation, starvation, famine, and even food wars".

Such a statement could hold true for the visionary Gene Roddenberry, the creator of "Star Trek"

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