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Real life mom: a month of success and accomplishments, month 6

Heather Jerrolds and Amy Petras after their race.
Heather Jerrolds and Amy Petras after their race.
M. Gonzales

Half of a year has gone by and Heather Jerrolds has accomplished so much! Heather continues to be an inspiration to so many people as she continues to reach new milestones on her journey.

M- What your greatest moment this month?
H - I have been able to complete two races so far, this year. The first was a run through a local regional park, which turned out to be very hilly & VERY muddy. Even though, I couldn't run the entire race- I felt accomplished, completing a hard (and messy!) run. The following weekend, I ran in a 5K, as well, that was mostly flat ground. I completed the race, while improving overall on my time, with a 45 second increase per mile! It felt great to run and participate with athletes of all ages, shapes, and genders, as well as my close friends and my husband. I was extremely motivated watching the friends who ran with us as well, run hard, and complete their time faster than their usual pace!

M - What was the most frustrating?
H - After my first race in January, which was a 5K, I tried to quickly prepare for a 10K the following weekend. (The farthest I had ever run was 4 1/2 miles.) One evening, I ran 6 1/2 miles, without preparing for that particular run properly. Because I was overly ambitious, I made myself sick, mentally & physically. But I learned not to get discouraged and to continue to slowly build my longer runs and properly prepare for them.

M - February is National Heart and Awareness Month for women do you have any words of encouragement for the mom's following your journey?
H - One of the greatest joys that I have gotten out of this process is watching my children get excited about being healthy by proper diet and exercise. My oldest daughter heard the word "diabetes" on the radio last week and was very concerned and interested at ways to avoid it herself. She asks about healthy choices she can make in her "snacks" and wants to participate in the next race we do, if there is an opportunity for children to run.  My children have seen first hand, my body change, as well as my husband’s daily exercise routine and mine. They are excited about their mom running, eating right, and joining in when they can, as well!

M- It sounds like your running journey is contagious.... Can you tell us a little about that?
H - I have never been as active as I am, so I have been amused over this past month when others are interested in what I am doing to improve on their own personal fitness. It seems unreal that anyone would care what I have to say about getting fit, but it's really exciting to be able to share and watch others get excited about becoming healthier as well!

M - How much weight have you lost and how much do you want to lose?
H- I have lost a total of 23 pounds. I am 8 pounds away from my first goal weight. Once I reach that, I will set my final goal weight (which will probably be another 15 to 20 pounds after that).

M- Any other words you like to share?
H - I cannot say enough how much this journey has changed my outlook on being active. It has been such a motivation to see my body change. One of the most important things in this journey is having a good support system. I could not have gone this far, to actually improving my runs and participating in races, with out the help of others who constantly encourage me and push me to work harder. Without my husband's support, as well as Michelle's and Amy's constant encouragement and useful information, I don't think I would be in this place. It's important to find someone to move you forward and to hold you accountable to your fitness goals!


  • Meagan Powers 5 years ago

    I have been reading the articles and you have truly motivted me. Being a mom with three kids I feel like I don't have the time to work out and eat well. After reading what you have done I realize that I can do it and to have the kids see their mom taking care of herself teaches them so much.
    Thanks so much.

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