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Real life mom: a month of success and accomplishments, month 5

Heather's running partners
Heather's running partners
H. Jerrolds

One of the greatest parts of being a personal trainer is watching your clients go above and beyond their goals. As I interview Heather Jerrolds it is such a fun and exciting time for her and it is exciting to be following her journey. She started off just wanting to be able to run for 20 minutes, and each time I speak to her about her accomplishments she has gone a little further! This month, a lot further!

Heather has never believed herself to be a runner or an athlete, but she has found that with each step she has become both. She is now a runner and an athlete! The last time I spoke to Heather about her accomplishments she was so excited! She did not just run for 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes! Instead she continued to run for 1 hour and approximately 4.25 mile! She has lost another inch off her measurements totaling a loss of 20 pounds! She has added the Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred" workout  to her weekly routine and continues to lift weights with her husband.

When asked if she had any new insights that she would like to share, she stated, “ I started this journey as a true "couch potato." I occasionally enjoyed the outdoors with my family, hiking and biking, but never on a regular basis. I almost accepted that I would always be "bigger" and would always have wider hips because of my three babies. I started running because I was so inspired by others around me, regular moms who could run more than a block! But the past few months, I have realized we are all made for this.
Looking back to September, I remember thinking how hard it was going to be to run longer than my one minute intervals. Then I slowly was able to push past a minute-fifteen, minute and a half... My very first goal, felt like it would take such a long time to get to. It was 20 minutes of non-stop running. Now there are some days, on my longer runs (which I have just hit 60 minutes!), I feel like I could just keep going.
Maybe running isn't for everyone, but our bodies are made to be active! If I can do this, anyone can do this. All it takes is a mental effort to be stronger and healthy."
She continued on to say "That day, five months ago, I was tired of being unhealthy and inactive- and I mentally made it a priority to change. And now... I know I was made to be a runner and I love what it is doing to my body! I may never be fast, I will probably never win races, but I have chosen this new active lifestyle. If I could communicate anything to others who don't think that it's possible to be active and healthy, I would say it truly is attainable! And it feels SO wonderful!"

For 2010 Heather wants to run one race a month! Heather you are doing great! Keep up the awesome job. You continue to motivate so many people on this journey and we are so glad to be a part of it.


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