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Real life mom: a month of success and accomplishments, month 3

Wil, Heather and Roy after the race!
Wil, Heather and Roy after the race!
Photo by David Dirks

What a month of success and accomplishments it has been for Heather Jerrolds! For the past two months she has been striving to run further and lose weight, and this month she has done just that! During the past month Heather has increased her running from 4 minutes to 28 minutes. Each week she increased a little bit more until she realized she could continue to run further. Read on for her interview.

M: What has been your biggest successes this month?
H: My biggest success was definitely finishing my first race! Roy refused to run ahead of me, even though it would have been easy for him to finish quickly. He stayed right by my side, encouraging me the entire time!

M: How much weight have you lost so far?
H: 10 pounds, it's slow and at times I often become discouraged, but I have to continually remind myself that slow loss is good and healthy. It's really a lifestyle change, exercise and portion control.

M: Is there anything that you have changed or added to your fitness routine?
H: This month I have added strength training to my routine. I run three days a week and the strength training two days a week.

M: What continues to be the hardest part of this journey so far?
H: Seriously, the hardest part is running in the cold weather and the wind. In the cold, I have to wear longer pants, which constantly fall down! Running against the wind is hard and I get discouraged, because it slows me down.

M: What is the easiest part of your journey?
H: The easiest, this month, has been increasing the length of time I run between intervals. Once I pushed past the idea that I could not run for a long period of time, I was able to push harder. I had to get over a mental hurdle; I never viewed myself as an "active" person. My body actually craves exercise now.

M: How are you staying motivated?
H: I was extremely motivated when I saw women of so many shapes, sizes, and ages run & complete a half-marathon & marathon two weekends in a row! I recently watched my girlfriends, Missie & Amy complete the Nike Women's half-marathon. I cried when they finished. It's emotional because it now seems attainable to do the same.

Also, having Roy get up with me to exercise holds me accountable to my time early in the morning. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him, lifting weights and having our children watch & try to exercise with us! Every time I get back from my run, my kids will say, “How was your run Mom?” (What a cool example to set for them!)

My other motivation is the physical change that is transforming my body. It's slow, but I am developing muscles I thought I never had. My arms & legs beginning to firm up and change shape! That gets me up in the morning!