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Real-life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanov, doesn't need food or water

Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model known as the real-life Barbie doll, now says that she will soon subsist on nothing but air and light. According to a March 1 report by FOX 8 News in Cleveland Lukyanova plans to follow the practice of breatharianism by giving up food and water to live off sunlight and air and feast of the life force of the universe.

Followers of breatharianism believe that the human body does not need food or water to survive, but instead is equipped to live off prana or the life force of the universe. Exactly how many people follow this seemingly bizarre philosophy is unclear.

The Light Network explains that although many people are breatharians and have mastered the art of living from micro-food from the air, most of them are highly evolved spiritual beings who do not seek attention. It further explains that many breatharians partake of food and drink when in the company of others, but do not rely on food or water for sustenance.

While Valeria Lukyanova doesn’t seem to fit the description of a highly evolved soul that does not seek attention, she does claim that she uses her beauty to promote her spiritualism. According to a Huffington Post report in 2013, Lukyanova says that she is “really a spiritual guru who is using her nearly ‘perfect’ physical form to enlighten the general public.” She claims she is not just the average Barbie lookalike.

Whether true breatharians actually exist is difficult to tell as they may be masking their true selves by eating and drinking in public, presumably to avoid the attention due to their unusual beliefs.

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